Fall Creek Vineyards Holiday Wine Guide

11th Dec 2019 @ 16:38 by Matt

By Daniel Williams and Lauren Busch, tasting room managers

December is loaded so loaded parties, holiday gatherings, and joyful meals that it can sometimes become stressful to manage all the fun. Adding to the stress is the pressure to meet year-end work deadlines, and additional family obligations. The last thing you need is the extra headache of figuring out what kind of wine to buy for dinners and parties. Relax. We’ve got you covered. Here are some straightforward tips to simplify holiday wine shopping.

Perfect Parings: Picking Wine for Your Holiday Meals

Holiday dinners can be a cacophony of conflicting tastes with several dishes demanding your tongue’s attention. Selecting the right wine to pair with diverse dishes like ham, goose, turkey or prime rib and truffled creamed spinach, scalloped potatoes and cranberry relish is downright daunting. The three keys to success are:

  1. Pick a variety of versatile wines, with food-friendly white, rosé, and red wines.

  2. Bright and zippy white wine is a safe bet with a wide range of food pairings. No matter what is served with it, the high acidity perks up the palate and puts a smile on your face.

  3. Don’t be a Scrooge and get caught with thirsty guests. It’s safe to plan to serve one bottle for every two people at the table (two bottles if your crazy uncle is on your guest list).


The best way to start off any holiday celebration is with a kiss under the mistletoe, quickly followed by a lovely toast with a chilled, racy white wine. It’s a perfect mate with soft, creamy cheeses; curvy mounds of mashed potatoes and just about any luscious dish you encounter. The Fall Creek Vineyards Chardonnay Vintner's Selection Texas Hill Country 2018 is fantastic with goose, duck, turkey and a wide variety of holiday dishes. Our food-friendly Chardonnay is aged “Sur-lie” in a stainless-steel tank giving it toasty flavors with a note of roasted almonds to balance the crisp and juicy grilled yellow peach, and Meyer lemon flavors.


A shimmering glass of gorgeous rose-colored wine sets a merry tone. Rosé wine is the best of both worlds with red fruit aromas of a red wine, and the lighter body and crisp acidity of a white wine. It is a beautiful accompaniment to winter vegetables, roast meats, and dry spiced fruits. Fall Creek Vineyards Rosado Vintner's Selection Texas Hill Country 2018 is made with 100 percent Syrah grapes grown in the Salt Lick Vineyards giving it a fuller bodied and more structure than your average rosé. It has abundant flavors of ripe plum, violet, and pepper dust.


Standing rib roast or Beef Wellington deserve to be paired with a velvety smooth, lush red wine with depth and structure. Fall Creek Vineyards Meritus Texas Hill Country 2015 is a Bordeaux-style blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from Certenberg Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country that is elegant enough to adorn any holiday table. The Merlot dominant wine is graceful with plum, sweet cedar, tea leaf and black currant cordial flavors with a hint of violet. This deliciously complex wine is sure to wow your guests.

Holiday Party Wine-Buying Guide

Holiday parties are fun and buying the wine for them can be almost as enjoyable. Here are some foolproof party planning suggestions.

Get the Right Amount. Figuring out how much wine to buy is as simple as understanding how many servings are in a bottle, how much your guests will drink and the number of guests you expect.

1: Serving size:

  • One 750- milliliter bottle = five 5-ounce servings

  • One case (12 750-milileter bottles) = 60 servings (FYI – we offer a 10 percent discount on case purchases)
  • 2: Consumption average: Assume guests at a holiday party will knock back two glasses of wine per hour.

    3: Simple equation: One hour at two glasses per person x 10 guests = four bottles of wine. Extrapolate from there.

    Get the Right Mix. If your party begins before 5 p.m., get a mix that includes 45 percent white wine, 25 percent rosé wine, and 30 percent red wine. If your party starts after 5 p.m., your mix can be adjusted to include 30 percent white wine, 20 percent rosé wine, and 50 percent red wine.

    Get the Right Wines. It’s always nice to pick crowd-pleaser wines that are both versatile with food and recognizable. Chardonnay is always a winner, as is Merlot. More about that below.

    Enjoy your holiday parties and celebratory meals with Fall Creek Vineyards.