Introducing Lescalo Chenin Blanc 2019, a New Low-Calorie Wine

4th Jun 2020 @ 10:02 by Matt

By Sergio Cuadra, director of winemaking

For decades, Chenin Blanc has been one of our signature wines. In fact, in 1983 our first Chenin Blanc was the top-rated wine among all Chenin Blancs in the United States in the “Wines and Spirits Buying Guide.” Now we are introducing

Chenin Blanc Lescalo 2019, a new Chenin Blanc wine with lower alcohol, and fewer calories. It is a delicious, refreshing wine that people can enjoy without worrying about extra calories.

Lescalo is the inspiration of our co-founder, Susan Auler, who continually looks for ways to innovate within classic styles of winemaking. She chose the name Lescalo as a salute to the small European winegrowers who have produced and enjoyed low alcohol wines for generations. Here is what she has to say about Lescalo:

“For several years I have wanted to create a wine with less alcohol, less calories, and lower carbs for people to enjoy on any occasion. I like to pair different styles of wine with various settings, for my guests, and with different styles of food. We made Lescalo for people to enjoy on almost any occasion like after playing sports, or as a late afternoon refreshment, or as a beautiful companion to an elegant picnic. We like to say that it is the right wine to raise a glass to toast to ‘Haute Santé’ or high health.”

Classic Chenin Blanc Style

Chenin Blanc is a perfect grape to choose to make a lower-alcohol wine because of its fruit forward profile and the inherent fuller body of the grape balance well with the higher acidity to create a delicious wine. The main source of calories in wine is alcohol. Wines with lower alcohol naturally have a lower caloric content. To make Lescalo, we harvested the grapes a bit earlier, just as grapes are harvested to make sparkling wines or Champagne.

Lescalo has a low 9.8% alcohol which roughly equates to around 80 to 85 calories (estimate made using USDA guidelines). That compares to roughly 130 calories for a typical 5-ounce glass of dry white wine. Lescalo fits your active lifestyle. It’s possible to enjoy this refreshing lower alcohol white wine in moderation without being slowed down.

Lescalo is made with 90% Chenin Blanc and 10% Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in deep, but well-draining, gravelly, loamy sand and soil in west Texas. The wine is released young, without oak aging to retain the youthful freshness. Lescalo has clean, fresh citrus scents with subtle floral aromas married with spicy acidity, lively lemon, white peach, toasted almond flavors that come to life with engaging acidity, and wet-rock-minerality on the finish. The bright flavors make this the perfect wine match with fresh seafood, oysters, and sushi.

We only made 500 cases of Fall Creek Vineyards Lescalo and it is available at the winery tasting rooms in Driftwood and Tow, and on ourwinery website. It is also available at select retailers including the Austin Wine Merchant, Dallas Fine Wine, and the Houston Wine Merchant.