The 2020 Grape Harvest at Fall Creek Vineyards is Underway

5th Aug 2020 @ 14:28 by Matt

By Quincy Barton, Vineyard Manager, Fall Creek Vineyards

While the pandemic has caused things to quiet down quite a bit in our tasting rooms, activity in the vineyard has ramped up to a bustling pace as we begin to collect the fruits of our tremendous labor. Harvest 2020 is underway in the Texas Hill Country.

No two growing seasons are much alike in Texas with our unpredictable weather, which makes determining an “average” season hard to define. This particular growing season has been a little shorter than last year. 2019 was quite an anomaly in that harvest was delayed longer than the average year due to our unusually cool spring and early summer coupled with heavy early season rains pushing everything back quite a bit. In the 2020 grape growing season, we saw very high temperatures early on, which fast-tracked the development and ripening of the clusters. This is giving us harvest dates more comparable our “average” growing seasons.

Getting Started in the Salt Lick Vineyards

We have a cherished relationship and long-term term grape growing agreements with Salt Lick Vineyards, which is located across the street from our tasting room in Driftwood, Texas. Working alongside the team at Salt Lick Vineyards throughout growing season and harvest is one of the most gratifying aspects of my job every year.

We started our 2020 harvest with Syrah and Grenache grapes grown in the Salt Lick Vineyards We are thrilled with both quality and yield from the vines this season. A large amount of the Grenache will be processed and made into our 2020 Grenache Rose along with a return of our award-winning Fall Creek Vineyards Terroir Reflection GSM blend made from Salt Lick Vineyard’s Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. This Grenache was hand harvested and sorted to ensure the specific pigmentation of the individual cluster is ideal to produce either rose or red. We could not be more excited to see how these wines progress as they start their developmental journey in the winery.

We’re eagerly watching the development of the Tempranillo and Mourvèdre grapes in the Salt Lick Vineyard to determine when they will be ready to harvest for our Terroir Reflections and ExTERRA wines.

Next Up: Harvest in our Estate Oxbow Vineyard

We have not yet started to harvest grapes in our estate Oxbow Vineyard in Driftwood, as the Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan grown here are later ripening varietals. We want these grapes to hang on the vine as long as possible to develop complex and high-quality flavors and aromatics.

We still have quite a few more long nights and days ahead of us to complete the 2020 harvest. We are slowly starting to adjust to the semi-nocturnal schedule and cannot wait to bring you our new, exquisite 2020 vintage wines for you to enjoy.

In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy our Harvest Reports on Facebook Live with me on Friday, August 7, and with our director or winemaking, Sergio Cuadra, on Friday, August 14. You can sip along with us with specially priced Harvest Wine Bundles. I’ll pour Rose, Tempranillo and GSM, while Sergio will show off our ExTERRA Wines in an amazing special.

If you want to see the beauty of our vineyards, by all means stop by our tasting rooms, and pick up some of your favorites! We would love to see you.