The Vineyards Prepare to Emerge from Winter Hibernation

19th Feb 2019 @ 13:49 by Matt

by Quincy Barton, vineyard manager

The sun is tempted to shine. The days are warming up. The bluebonnets are beginning to pop up along the roadside. Spring is on its way (a little bit early here at Fall Creek). With that, we are preparing for our vineyard to come back to life and start the long growing season ahead. We’d love to keep you abreast of what’s been going on in our vineyards throughout these chilly, drizzly months.

You’ve probably noticed that, during the winter, there seems to be little activity in the vineyard; the vines look like little more than sticks protruding from the earth. Well, surprisingly, the winter stage of a grapevine’s life cycle is very important. To protect itself from the harsh cold, a vine must go into a state of dormancy, a stage where its growing ceases, its leaves fall, and it retreats into a woody state. Because the process of photosynthesis is halted, the vine must survive from the reserves stored during the previous growing season. It is very important for the vine to properly accumulate these carbohydrates to sustain itself during these winter months, not unlike a bear preparing for hibernation.

During the cold winter months, the vines stay "asleep" until spring, when they reach the adequate number of warmer hours to initiate the next stage: bud break. Bud break is when the grape starts its annual growth cycle. It is when the tiny buds on the vine start to swell and eventually shoots begin to grow. The timing of bud break varies slightly from year to year and is dependent mostly upon climatic influences. With spring and bud break fast approaching, we are hard at work here at Fall Creek Vineyards, pruning the vineyards in preparation for the great growing season this year.

We hope that the 2019 vintage produces a crop of fine fruit that will translate into incredible wines, just as they have in previous years. We are still blown away by our 2016 vintage, a small but quality crop that produced superior grapes for our wines including the new ExTerra lineup.

So, before bud break occurs, we are hosting one last winter event: a wine dinner! To honor the 91-point scores that our ExTerra Tempranillo, Mourvedre, and Syrah all received from James Suckling, we are holding an exclusive 5-course dinner for Founder Wine Club members on the 1st of March. This dinner will be presented by Chef Bryan Gillenwater of Bryan's on 290 and will be at our Driftwood location. For more details, click here: Not a member and would like to join? Click here: