Ed and Susan Auler, Founders and Owners

<img src=https://app.grapegears.co/file/view/3be0dc6afbf2453ead6b901bef44350e/12765" class="pull-left" style="margin-right:20px;margin-bottom:20px;"> Ed and Susan Auler founded Fall Creek Vineyards in 1975, and have worked ardently the past 40+ years to build a viable and successful Texas winery. Inspired on a trip to France, Ed and Susan returned to Texas with the ambition to make Texas a world-recognized wine region. Ed and Susan have never been deterred by a challenge, so they set off to “grow a Texas Wine Tradition”.

As the original wine-growers of Texas grapes, they have put their heart and soul into creating a Texas wine industry, while Ed used his legal practice to aid in writing the early laws regulating Texas wine. Susan created the Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival, as a promotional tool to establish the Texas Hill Country as a known viticultural region. Ed used his legal expertise to create the “Texas Hill Country” appellation, certified by federal law in 1990 and received the “Qualia” and Merit Awards from TWGGA. Susan, through her wine promotional efforts was named, “one of the Top 50 people in the Wine World" by Wine & Vines Magazine. Known as the “First Family of Texas Wines,” Ed and Susan continue to focus on 100% terroir-driven wines, rooted in the best Texas soils, and crafted by their talented wine-making team.