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Wine Cruise Through Bordeaux With Fall Creek Vineyards and Ron Yates Wines

June 23, 2022

Join Fall Creek Vineyards co-founders Susan & Ed Auler, and Ron Yates Wines co-founders Ron Yates & his mother Glena, as you cruise the legendary wine regions of Bordeaux! There’s no more fitting starting point for this sailing than Bordeaux, an undisputed wine capital. Enjoy exquisite tastings just as unforgettable as the wines you’ll sip. Visit the renowned vineyards of SaintÉmilion, Pauillac and Libourne, discovering timeless wine-making traditions, and visit the Bordeaux Wine Museum, a spectacular sensory experience with the power to turn even the most hesitant wine drinkers into connoisseurs. There is no better way to experience this journey than by combining the world-class wines of Fall Creek and Ron Yates with the exquisite culinary experience onboard, creating a unique and exclusive experience!
Contact for purchasing: 877-651-7447 WineClub@ExpediaCruises.com