Phil Price, Winemaker

Phil joined Fall Creek Vineyards in 2016 to apply world-class techniques to craft fine wines with minimal inputs, that embody the ecology of the Texas vineyards. His most recent assignment allowed him to work with top winemaker, Philippe Melka, at BRAND Napa Valley, where he served as cellar master. Before moving to Napa, he dedicated four years to the Niven Family Wine Estates in San Luis Obispo, where Phil worked as cellar lead and supervisor to assist winemaker, Christian Roguenant. While Phil worked harvests, he attended Cal Poly’s graduate program for Wine and Viticulture where studied the effects of shoot tipping during bloom on yield, maturity, and wine quality.

Phil was introduced to the wine industry in 2007, when he and his family decided to plant wine grapes on their family farm in TN during his sophomore year at the University of the South: Sewanee while studying ecology. He spent 6 years managing his family’s vineyard and 3 years making wine from their grapes. Phil has come a long way from pressing family fruit in a brand-new janitor’s bucket in Tennessee, to dragging hoses and solidifying cellar practices in SLO, to receiving 95-100 Robert Parker scores on Prichard Hill, and to helping advance the frontier of the Texas Hill Country wine industry.