Fall Creek Vineyards | Premier Winery in Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas

Welcome from our owner and founder, Ed Auler...“We started with the dirt and the vines took root!”

With deep Texas roots, a passion for quality, and an appreciation for the future, our winery, conceived in 1975, embraces the best of our tradition and legacy while coursing towards a dynamic representation of globally-competitive, modern wine. Fall Creek Vineyards was conceived through worldly inspiration, and while distinctly 100% Texan in Terroir, our wines are crafted with world-class skill and vision. We are proud to share our wine with you.

Welcome to FALL CREEK Vineyards, planted in 1975, as the first Texas Hill Country winery! Our family’s heritage is deeply rooted for 5 generations as ranchers, always providing good stewardship of the land we so love. Our resolute goal has been to match the right grape variety to the correct terroir, to grow wines which reflect the complex soils of each specific site and to taste the emotion and joy with which the wines have been conceived!

We produce benchmark wines to stand shoulder to shoulder with the notable wines of the world. Our mission is well stated by Director of Winemaking at Fall Creek Vineyards, Sergio Cuadra, who said, “I did not come here to make great Texas wines, instead I came here to make great, world-class wines that just happen to grow in Texas!” Judging by the flood of accolades and awards, FALL CREEK Vineyards is doing just that!